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Custom Popping/Plugging Rod!

Posted By: Scuba Chris

Custom Popping/Plugging Rod! - 08/13/21 04:54 PM

Brian Kimata of Brian's Fishing Supply Designed a Pair of Popping/Plugging Rods!

A few years ago Okuma asked Brian Kimata to design an all purpose Popping Rod that could be used on a boat to a yak & the shoreline. This is the MH, a H was also designed. Quality components were used in it's construction. The end product is the only plugging/popping rod i own that i can run all my swivels through.

In the past Brian was asked to help Shimano & Penn on some of their projects as well. At the time i was with JRA that represented Okuma in most of the USA. But Okuma's Senior Marketing Specialist Dave Brown sent me a few rods to try out. I was blown away when the box arrived. I quickly learned that not only was this a popping/plugging rod, it was also a dunking & jigging rod as well (had an 18in rear grip).

Anglers loved this rod! From the boat to the shoreline, the rod was an instant success. The fact that i could keep my swivels tied in was a major bonus! Used an Okuma Cedros 8K Spinner w/50lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. After bombing my 2-1/3oz Hooker Stick Bait by FishLab all morning i was amazed my arm & shoulder was ok. I'm not going to post this until tomorrow morning. We'll see if i'm still ok. Lol!

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Posted By: reeltexan

Re: Custom Popping/Plugging Rod! - 08/13/21 08:10 PM

it goes pop pop
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