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Barracuda Strikes!

Posted By: Scuba Chris

Barracuda Strikes! - 04/24/20 05:13 AM

Meet Mr Barry Cuda!

Locally known as a Kaku i personally regard this as a "rubbish" fish. The slimy coat smells, they slice up my hooked fish & cleanly cut through my leaders costing me my hooks & lures. The larger ones do put up a decent fight. I do keep a few under 10lb for friends who do savor it's white meat. Very larger Cudas have been known to contain ciguatera from time to time. I loose many hooks, lures & fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders to Barracudas yearly.

Once hook i generally release them so i found i only have a small percentage of pics & vids on hand. This is less then 5% of my hook-ups these past 5yrs.


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Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Barracuda Strikes! - 04/25/20 03:10 AM

Neat video. Thanks for sharing. cheers
Posted By: Scuba Chris

Re: Barracuda Strikes! - 04/25/20 07:00 PM

Posted By: Gitter Done

Re: Barracuda Strikes! - 04/26/20 02:25 PM

Originally Posted by banker-always fishing
Neat video. Thanks for sharing. cheers

Plus #1.
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