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3 day weekend, West Texas

Posted By: 7mag

3 day weekend, West Texas - 06/27/21 07:19 PM

I don't have a boat and wife will be gone all next weekend. I have 3 days to myself and really want to fish. I live in Midland, so pretty limited on waters. If you were me which of these spot would you try?

If I missed a body of water worth trying please let me know. Im not asking for your coordinates etc Just asking if you were me and have fished these places recentley where you would go. I am multi species and usually throw a minnow on a bobber and cast for bass etc.

Nasworthy-I do ok most the time, usually go to Pecan Creek(like to sit under the big shade trees)
Spence-havent been to it in at least 10 yrs. I didnt do well there
OH Ivie-never been but hear its on fire
JB Thomas-again been many moons ago since I fished it. I didnt fair well here either
Alan Henry- been several times and use to do well at the fishing pier. In the last 3 yrs it was pretty bad for me, not sure why as it use to be one of my favorite spots.
Lake Champion-never been and don't know much about it
Colorado City-yeah I know algae bloom for the last 100 yrs but thought I would ask
Oak Creek-never have done well here either in the last 2 yrs
Comanche Trail Park-always catch something either catfish or bass, still an option
Posted By: squib

Re: 3 day weekend, West Texas - 06/28/21 06:41 PM

White River Lake is unique and has lots of fishable water from the shore. You can walk at least a mile of the bank and dam. Camping there is decent. There are also walleye in the lake, and that makes for an interesting catch here in Texas.
Posted By: trapperben

Re: 3 day weekend, West Texas - 06/29/21 03:45 AM

Twin Buttes and Fort Phantom Hill are other options. OH Ivie is prbly the best overall lake you mentioned, I have never bank fished it. White River is a nice little lake except for water level. It doubled its capacity with some recent rains and is all the way up to 23% full as of today. I have read Spence is coming back a little and considering your location would be worth checking out. Good luck.
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