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Murrell Park Grapevine

Posted By: bjfowle

Murrell Park Grapevine - 06/12/21 10:09 PM

Anyone been out to Murrell Park on Grapevine Lake lately? I was thinking about taking my out there this week to do some bank fishing. I used to fish out there a lot but it has been several years now.
Posted By: Hard Rain

Re: Murrell Park Grapevine - 06/18/21 09:18 PM

I tried to bank fish last Tuesday I live less than 10 minuted from there so I am in there quite a bit. It was a no wind day but the black biting flies were terrible I did not stay long. Everytime I felt one biting I would look at my legs and there wound be 3-4 on each leg. Heck I even got bit on my legs when they were in water when wading. Like I said zero wind that day I think that was the main problem. A friend of mine fished there today and caught several nice fish. My wife and I fished from the boat around Murrell but only caught a couple but at least my wife caught a nice 4# LMB. There is some good fishable wate but the lake is still over 9’ high so limited spots compared to normal. My advice is go early the gate opens at 6:00 I am normally in line before it opens when I go.
Posted By: Travis McBacklash

Re: Murrell Park Grapevine - 06/21/21 01:51 PM

I've taken my lunch break down there several times. I usually get one bite - had the best luck around the flooded parking lot of Rockin S on the east side by the dumpster. I think they just opened up the area on the south side of the dam by Silver Lake. I've been meaning to go down there and fish those rocks. Depending on how the day goes, I might give it a shot later today.
Posted By: spazm09

Re: Murrell Park Grapevine - 06/22/21 02:08 PM

I caught some catfish there a month and a half or so ago before all the rain.
Posted By: bloo_rainger

Re: Murrell Park Grapevine - 06/22/21 04:11 PM

many moon's ago I used to fish out of Murrell.
pulled in one morning and this guy had just found a guy that had drowned over the weekend.
it was me and the guy who found the drowned guy.
first time I was ever around something like that.
hope that helps....
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