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Locations near/in Pflugerville?

Posted By: Swyt

Locations near/in Pflugerville? - 11/25/20 02:17 AM

I haven't gone fishing since 2016. I have my own car now and am wanting to go get my license and get my gear for the 4 day weekend. I was once told a spot for crappie on this forum, I just don't remember where it was. I've been to Lake Pflugerville several times, fishing on the southern docks/piers and never caught anything. Tried old settlers park once, didn't catch anything. But this was way back then. Before I had a vehicle of my own. I'm looking to catch anything. I'm limited to bank fishing.

Posted By: greenyak

Re: Locations near/in Pflugerville? - 11/25/20 02:42 AM

Lake Granger, Fox Wilson park has a dock you can try.
Posted By: Swyt

Re: Locations near/in Pflugerville? - 11/26/20 06:30 AM

Originally Posted by greenyak
Lake Granger, Fox Wilson park has a dock you can try.

Just north of the boat ramp, is the dock I think I was told about before or it was on some kind of map. I've noticed a few of these parks around Lake Granger. Is it going to cost me, just to go fishing there? Looking on google maps, there is some kind of gate thing. I'm only seeing rates for sites, but don't know if that means I have to rent one, just to go fishing.
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