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Fishing locations in Houston vinicity

Posted By: Nathan N

Fishing locations in Houston vinicity - 10/24/20 03:01 PM


I am new here and looking for some advise for areas where I can live and fish for my old age retired. Not Looking for a big huge lakes as they are more expensive, a small area where there are few fish and I can buy/build a small little 1000 Sq ft home and able to catch a few fishes now and then for superb or when friends come over. Anywhere within 1.5 hours driving distance from Katy, TX or Richmond, Tx will do. Areas near hospitals are big plus (not required) as old fart like me and the wife tend to hit the hospitals more often now. If you are out and about and spot some areas, please don't be shy. Thank you in advance for any tips/pointer.

Posted By: pavlaugh

Re: Fishing locations in Houston vinicity - 10/26/20 04:01 PM

Are you looking for waterfront or just near water? You have a few options for waterfront: (1) the big lakes (Conroe, Lake Houston), (2) somewhere near or between Freeport and Galveston on the beach or intracoastal waterway; (3) living in a neighborhood that has an HOA or water-district managed pond or two; or (4) living on a large private property with a pond.

If you're just looking for near water, there are four "neighborhood fishing" ponds that are stocked with catfish in the spring/summer and trout in the winter/spring. They are designed to provide easy access for fishing in residential areas; most should be within 15-30 minutes of a good hospital. https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fis...in.phtml#neighborhood-fishin-regulations

Lake Woodlands also has some waterfront property, or you can live nearby. It's a 10-minute drive to a hospital.

The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve a 3-minute drive to a hospital. I've never fished it, but it seems nice.

Welcome to the neighborhood.
Posted By: Nathan N

Re: Fishing locations in Houston vinicity - 11/02/20 01:36 PM

This is very helpful. Thank you very much.
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