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Conroe Shore Fishing Strikouts

Posted By: TheThirstyMoose

Conroe Shore Fishing Strikouts - 03/10/20 01:22 PM

I have gone up to Lake Conroe a few times to do some shore fishing but havent been able to find a good spot. Ive been to the Cagle Recreational area in the north and found some areas that looked promising but caught nothing but driftwood. Does anyone have any shore fishing spots in the north part of the lake they wouldnt mind sharing? I have yet to try the Stubblefield area as everything I have read is that the bridge and fishing area are closed while the bridge is replaced.
Posted By: 1Fisher77316

Re: Conroe Shore Fishing Strikouts - 03/19/20 04:59 AM

Try FM 1097 at the small bridge. Crappie often hit under the bridge at dark thirty.
Tight lines!
Posted By: Synstars

Re: Conroe Shore Fishing Strikouts - 03/20/20 04:40 PM

Not to high jack but what about accessible bass or catfish bank fishing on Conroe? Was at FM1375 and fished on the east side both sides of the road. Super low water and only caught one carp because I pegged her with a spinner lol.

Any areas you could suggest to look for bass/cats?

From WA so still trying to learn lay of the land. Thanks!
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