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Zebco Omniflex

Posted By: kjwolvy

Zebco Omniflex - 01/10/20 10:54 PM

Anyone use it? Im just a casual lure only angler and usually use 4 lb Stren of Trilenne. Saw it at Walmart and its really cheap.
Posted By: Lee Finlay

Re: Zebco Omniflex - 01/11/20 12:00 AM

You get what you pay for.
To me, it's complete junk. If you're fishing lure only, it will only last you one day before it's too damaged.
Stren or Trilene are multiple times better.

P-Line is better than all three. It lasts a long time.
Posted By: kjwolvy

Re: Zebco Omniflex - 01/11/20 05:16 PM

Good to know. Thanks for the reply.
Posted By: Dan90210 ☮

Re: Zebco Omniflex - 01/11/20 05:24 PM

Very very poor quality line.

Not worth it at all.
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