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Rate your experience with insurance claims

Posted By: ricochetrabbit

Rate your experience with insurance claims - 03/11/21 08:39 PM

Insurance is a necessary evil and cost is a huge factor when it comes to picking a carrier but sometimes the $100 saved isn't worth the hassle when it comes time to use it. I was curious about what TFF members' personal experiences have been dealing with their insurance companies when making a claim. I came up with a few points below to judge using the same criteria.

Timeliness - How long it took to open claim, getting the adjuster out, to finally to picking up your boat?
Convenience - Did they work with the shop and bill directly? Did they try to steer you to one of their approved shops? If applicable, did they reimburse for lost/stolen tackle and/or electronics?
Quality - Did the insurance company allow OEM parts or were they persistent about using aftermarket? Were you satisfied with the repair job?
Overall Satisfaction - Did you feel like everything went smoothly and you got your money's worth?
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