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Need Fiberglass estimate

Posted By: TAMU2021

Need Fiberglass estimate - 01/28/20 09:23 PM

Is there anyway I could get a fiberglass estimate done by sending pictures of damage? boat trailer is totaled and the boat and old trailer are sitting on another older trailer that can't be towed very far.
Posted By: Glenn54

Re: Need Fiberglass estimate - 02/10/20 05:52 AM

I'm not an expert but I will give you my 2 cents. If you know of a reputable fiberglass shop in your area, go by and show them pictures that show as much of the damage as possible, inside and out. Ask them if they can give you a ballpark estimate, with the understanding you know it's just an estimate. They will definitely have to get up close and personal to give you a proper estimate. Good luck.
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