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More Jigs

Posted By: Bones72

More Jigs - 09/12/20 04:27 PM

Tying these up is pretty dang fun and the combinations are endless not to mention daydreaming about different materials. Did these up in the color combo that seems to be producing lately at the crappie house I go to.

[Linked Image]

Also took the advice I got last time and made sure to start the body of the jig by the barbs instead of near the hook bend.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Jig Man

Re: More Jigs - 09/13/20 01:37 AM

Lookin good...
Posted By: Skip_48

Re: More Jigs - 09/13/20 02:38 PM

Think these looks really good, nic# looking jigs!

Posted By: Pot licker

Re: More Jigs - 09/13/20 04:59 PM

Those are nice! thumb
Posted By: gar1970

Re: More Jigs - 09/13/20 10:58 PM

I like the color combo! Bet it will catch em thumb
Posted By: Bones72

Re: More Jigs - 09/14/20 10:36 AM

Thanks folks. I'll be trying some different stuff once I get some decent jig heads.
Posted By: pop r

Re: More Jigs - 09/15/20 12:23 PM

Very nice! thumb
Posted By: SK.

Re: More Jigs - 09/15/20 09:31 PM

Good'un right there..... Nice tie....
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: More Jigs - 09/19/20 02:55 AM

Nice jibs. hooked
Posted By: Coolarrow

Re: More Jigs - 09/20/20 02:20 AM

Those look great! I catch a lot of crappie on that electric chicken color.
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