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Talon Fishing Unlimited Yuugyo Swim Jigs

Posted By: buda13

Talon Fishing Unlimited Yuugyo Swim Jigs - 04/28/21 07:45 PM


Insane attention to detail and incredible color patterns to choose from... did I mention the BEEFY heavy wire hook on this swim jig? You can throw it in the junk on 65 lb braid and horse the fish out of there without having to worry about the hook flexing out or bending. The 1/4oz comes with a NASTY 4/0 Mustad Heavy Black Nickle hook, 3/8 and 1/2 boast a 5/0 Mustad Heavy Black Nickle hook, and the 3/4 is sporting a BEASTLY 6/0 Mustad Heavy Black Nickle Hook. Pair it with your favorite trailer and you have a true weapon of bass destruction at your disposal. Its by far been the best producing bait of 2021 for me, especially on those pressured lakes being beat to death with spinnerbaits and chatterbaits 7 days a week. If you get a chance give one a try, you wont regret it!

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Talon Fishing Unlimited is a true custom bait company that doesn't build it until you order it, so when ordering direct from Talon lead times are 2-4 weeks. Should you need to get your hands on baits faster I recommend using Tackle Warehouse as they usually have a fairly decent inventory of Talon product on hand.
Posted By: ChanceHuiet

Re: Talon Fishing Unlimited Yuugyo Swim Jigs - 05/03/21 10:23 PM

Truly are some of my favorite siwmjigs. I need to order some more.
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