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Mother Nature SWALLOWED Bishop Lane..

Posted By: Water Judge

Mother Nature SWALLOWED Bishop Lane.. - 10/01/10 08:24 AM

After a few months of indesicion, I finally hiked the "back door trail" from Old Alton Bridge to the area off of Bishop Lane that's been under construction for the last two years (yes, the trails connect).
At a brisk pace, it took exactly one hour of walking. I packed the basics: water, #6 trebles freshly pre-baited with chicken liver, two poles, the .357 mag loaded with CCI .38spl shot shells (just in case), and a WHOLE LOTTA of beef jerky smile
This was the first area I found for great catfishing when my wife and I moved to Lewisville four years ago, and I was pis*ed as could be when it went under construction for the extension of 2499; really felt robbed.
I hate to say it, but I actually walked past the trail that I had fished for so long because I didn't recognize it. Long gone was the trail of spent Coleman propane tanks, water bottles, beer cans and random cr*p that used to serve as landmarks for the trailhead. Mother Nature had re-claimed the area as her own, and the well-beaten dirt paths that led to the water were nothing more than overgrown vegetatian that had found its' way over the rockface that is the ground.
I found my place, casted out, and thought about how much it had changed; the perfect afternoon of trial and payoff - I cleaned up on the now-underfished area, making the whole trip worthwhile.
I'm as far from a tree-hugging, bleeding heart as they come; a smoker, a drinker, a gas-chugging V-8 pickup driver. Nonetheless, we have to start doing a better job as anglers to preserve what we've been taught, teach, and practice to sustain not only this forum, but the livelyhood of the wildlife we're all chasing.
I'm off my soapbox. Blow me up with "hippie criticism" if you will.

The Water Judge

Posted By: Billy B.

Re: Mother Nature SWALLOED Bishop Lane.. - 10/01/10 08:33 AM

Amen brother, if you pack it in pack it out with yea. I hate seeing the shore line and trails littered in trash.
Posted By: chikenfrie

Re: Mother Nature SWALLOED Bishop Lane.. - 10/01/10 12:00 PM

I normaly carry trash bags in my fishing tackle but some how I lost that on 35 on my way home from work. Yea.. I was the arse hole that litered the high way. By the time I got over to exit it was to late.
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