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Abu Garcia Rod & Reel Combo - What's it worth?

Posted By: JB in Ft Worth

Abu Garcia Rod & Reel Combo - What's it worth? - 09/06/21 07:51 PM

My aunt recently gave me an Ambassadeur rod/reel combo that my uncle had purchased in 1988. The reel is in mint unused condition. Any guess what it may be worth?

It's an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000 red/gold 35th anniversary limited edition. The rod is a 6' med/light graphite rod with the Abu Garcia logo and Conolon 300 limited edition model.

The reel is identical to this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/234022486073

I really don't have any desire to sell it, but if it's worth $400 to $500 it probably makes more sense to sell it than to fish it, right?

Anyway, thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Posted By: JB in Ft Worth

Re: Abu Garcia Rod & Reel Combo - What's it worth? - 09/07/21 04:13 PM

Ok, I guess no Ambassadeur experts have seen the thread, or no one has an idea on the value. I will assume it's not worth any more than a typical 5000 series despite it's "limited edition" status. It is a good looking reel though. I like the appearance of the gold and red. Honestly I would be happy to exchange it for a C4 6600 as I like the release button on those and I have two in the boat now. Guess I will put some line on it and try to catch some striper or cats. Always nice to try out some new gear. Tight lines!
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