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Posted By: Im RICK JAMES

Thermocline - 08/26/21 02:33 AM

I was on solid cats 27-30’ in a creek. Now the thermocline set in at 25’. I tried just above the depth and caught just a few suspended. So where should I start looking now? Sides of main lake humps? I moved up in the creek more on the sides and nothing. Lots of other fish and bait fish everywhere I tried.
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Re: Thermocline - 08/26/21 03:06 AM

August and September I move out of the Thermocline in the main lake and head north and find an area with only 1-2 ft of Thermocline or none at all . I used to fish the Thermocline in the main lake this time of year suspended just above it but those fish are usually on the move and you can’t stay on em very good. We’ve been hammering them on the flats last 3 weeks in 15-20 ft. The fish and bait tend stay in these home zones through September and when those rains start hitting then everything starts to change pretty quick.
Posted By: Im RICK JAMES

Re: Thermocline - 08/27/21 09:34 PM

Thanks I’ll try that
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