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Transplanted Texan.

Posted By: Whiz5947

Transplanted Texan. - 08/19/21 12:46 PM

Hello follow forum members!

I'm relatively new to Texas, a couple of years now, formally from the northeast. My area of interest is bank cat fishing, the bigger the better. If anyone would care to help me out with quality locations to do so, I would very much appreciate it. I'm in the Houston area and am willing to move around. Also, would be interested in fishing partners near me. Thanks for your consideration.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/19/21 02:29 PM

Welcome to the forum Whiz! I'm in north Texas so I can't help you much. But this is the right place to get answers. Let this post simmer a few days and you'll get some help.
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/19/21 02:41 PM

Welcome to the club! Wind blown areas such as points, ledges, coves are key areas to look. Anywhere with wind blowing on it, across it, or into it can hold fish on any given day. Study your lake maps and the wind direction for that particular day and look for parks with these kinds of areas. Good luck! Someone might chime in and give you a spot to try but if you will use the info I have provided then you can go to any lake an apply the information.
Posted By: Dan90210 ☮

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/19/21 07:48 PM


Plenty of big catfish to chase in Texas.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/20/21 12:33 PM

By the way Whiz, I escaped from the Peoples Republic of Illinois in 2015. I wish I had done it long before I did. God Bless Texas!
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/20/21 01:39 PM

welcome to the TFF. Looking forward to seeing some of your future catches. thumb
Posted By: littlewheel

Re: Transplanted Texan. - 08/20/21 09:56 PM

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