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Second Quarter Report

Posted By: Catfish Tim

Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 12:33 PM

This short video is a recap of the spring quarter. We had some pretty good luck, and we had some bad luck. Still, it is always a blessing to be on the water. I hope y'all enjoy...

Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 01:32 PM

Enjoyed it my man! I love the part where Wy says “I want that fish!” Greatness! I’m gonna give Wy a new moniker and I think it’s gonna stick. WYATT The RIOT!! He reminds me slot of Action Jaxon. There is a notification below the video that say chat reply disabled for this premier. Not sure what that’s about but I commented. Let’s see if your reply works. Another thing I was thinking is if you use the YouTube mobile app there is a on/off switch in the edit channel section that might be switch on. Might try checking that as well.

Im still not able to reply to your comments that you send me so perhaps that might fix the issue.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 03:17 PM

Made that change. Let's see if that fixes it...
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 03:45 PM

Awesome video. Good job. thumb
Posted By: serj5150

Re: Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 05:09 PM

Awesome video my friend thumb excited just thinking about taking my little buddy banana
Posted By: KEGracing

Re: Second Quarter Report - 08/02/21 08:30 PM

Very nice video - and fish! And love the kids with smiling faces!

Keep it up.

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