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Lavon 7-7 early morning cats

Posted By: iFloat

Lavon 7-7 early morning cats - 07/07/21 08:00 PM

No pics, sorry....

Got out and got shad easy around the ramps before sunrise. Got baits soaking by 6am. Caught a couple 10lb blues right away. Anchored up in 14-20ft along river chanel. Nothing else for an hour. Moved to several other spots. Not alot going. Got a chanel cat around 9am, caught a drum around 10am. Tried ledges over by hybrid point,, railroad bridge, and under the sandbas.. I can't driftnow my trolling motor in the shop....

No wind. Dead still out there. Got hot around 11

I'll be back this evening give it another go.
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Lavon 7-7 early morning cats - 07/07/21 08:26 PM

Gotta whip that iPhone out and snap a few pics man! No wind sure makes it hard to drift. Next time your faced with that same scenario where it’s rained the evening before, there is no wind to drift and you have a busted trolling motor, head to the mouth of the creeks or river and get up in that muddy water and fish the runoff. I’m betting the runoff pattern was going strong this morning.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Lavon 7-7 early morning cats - 07/08/21 12:21 PM

The morning bite when the sun is just coming up is the best! I am going to try and get out tomorrow morning and then again Saturday. I was out Tuesday early evening for a bit and my Grandson Jer caught a couple eater size blues. It was hot and calm. We did have to use the trolling motor to pull boards but without a side wind I was able to get a really good spread. Marked lots of fish but I think I had to hit em in the head to get em to bite.

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