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Posted By: Jessebeaux95

Grapevine - 05/27/21 02:40 PM

Thinking of doing some night catfishing at Grapevine from the kayak. What's your thoughts and opinions of the lake in regards to Cats?
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Grapevine - 05/27/21 04:07 PM

That lake has a lot of cats in it and it has a decent population of big fish too. It can be a tough cat lake for inexperienced anglers at times but right now they should be easier to find up on the north end if you know what to look for.
Posted By: bronco71

Re: Grapevine - 05/27/21 04:39 PM

I caught a nice channel cat while chasing sand bass last week and a nice flathead the week before while jigging for sand bass.....
Posted By: Jared D.

Re: Grapevine - 06/02/21 09:42 PM

I havent fished Grapevine in about 5 years but before I moved near Lewisville it was my primary lake. I caught a lot of 18-25 pounds blues and my biggest was 32.5. We pretty much caught all the big fish in 3 spots. The west side of the island, the SE corner of the dam where the rock cliffs are and in McPherson Slough. We didnt fish much of the rest of the lake. During flood patterns we manage to get into a mess of smaller fish 3-5 pounds. After you exit McPherson Slough follow the bank to the left. Its been so long and no identifiable features for me to explain but maybe a 10th of a mile. There was some flooded grass (maybe in front of a wedding venue?). 3 foot of water or so, fresh shad and we caught quite a few.
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