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Lavon May 22, 2021

Posted By: Catfish Tim

Lavon May 22, 2021 - 05/23/21 12:08 PM

Not much to report. I think because the spawn has started...

Got out early Saturday. Went behind the marina and set out baits before light, had them in the water before 6:00. Didn't even sit down and a rod goes down. About a 3 pound blue. I thought OK! is this the kind of day it's gonna be? No, no it wasn't. Sat there for about 45 more minutes feeding turtles and then pulled up to move. Drifted the Brockdale flats, not even a dink tap. Next I pulled up into the little cove between Brockdale and the Lucas Road bridge. I decided to downsize my hooks. Went from 8/0 to 5/0. I threw out baits and immediately boated a triple. Caught a few more there but the bite slowed so i moved to cove at Glass House Point. Sat for an hour and only had a couple taps. Drifted the main lake south of there and got nothing.

Water temperature was well into the 70. Almost 80 in some spots. Looked like most of the fish I was marking were sand bass. We are coming into the time of year that has been the least productive for me historically. My boat is filthy. The front casting deck is full of mud from the anchor and everything else is covered with slime and shad scales. Time to pull her out for a little TLC. Oil change, power wash and resupply. I'll be ready for 'em when they come off the nest!

Shout out to my new friend Al. Looking forward to fishing together later this summer.

God Bless and Tight Lines y'all...
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Lavon May 22, 2021 - 05/23/21 12:21 PM

Jaxon is feeling much better this morning Tim so we’re about to go look for some fish. It’s the rain that put the breaks on your patterns most likely. We’re going to head for that runoff and fish the creek mouths and I will report back what we find later today.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Lavon May 22, 2021 - 05/23/21 12:23 PM

Sounds good Chris! Let me know how you guys do! Good luck, good hunting...
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Lavon May 22, 2021 - 05/23/21 03:24 PM

We’re on em good up by the mouth of the Trinity Tim. We got 25 eaters in the boat and Jax got him another Jr lake record for long nose Gar. Throwing baits up against the flooded willows is the ticket.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: Lavon May 22, 2021 - 05/23/21 07:05 PM

Nice. That's what we were doing in that cove where we had a little success yesterday before the bite died. I have a feeling if we were out there today, it would be the same...
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