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Last spring to guide!


Last spring to guide! - 03/10/21 06:50 PM

Just want to let everyone know that I'm making this my last spring to guide!

My body is telling me ive guided a year to long.

I will miss everything and everyone!

I will be fishing and guiding some but i don't to schedule anything. 

Me and Janis want to be in the Big Bend next Spring time.

It's been 22 years sense i could schedule anything besides fishing in the spring. 

Look i could go on and on  .
Thanks Gang for all the suport and prayers over the years.
It's been one heck of a Big Time and i mean a BIG Time!

I've asked Chris Watson my best bud long time partner in crime to take over my fishing reports and to start taking any and all trips past May this year.

Love you all stay in touch I've made so many life long friends doing this. 

Vaya con dios!
Posted By: 🌊El Gato Azul🌊

Re: Last spring to guide! - 03/10/21 07:06 PM

I hope it’s your best spring of fishing ever Bob! fish
Posted By: SoonerDG

Re: Last spring to guide! - 03/10/21 08:27 PM

Best wishes to you sir! I hope you really enjoy Big Bend!
Posted By: rebait

Re: Last spring to guide! - 03/10/21 10:50 PM

Enjoy well deserved time off. I long for that day also but have a few to go. Thanks for your many posts over the years.
Posted By: Drycreek3189

Re: Last spring to guide! - 03/12/21 03:17 AM

Good luck in your retirement Sir !
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