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Tawakoni Big Fish!

Posted By: Southtxangler22

Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 03:07 AM

Drift Fishing at Tawakoni is coming alive! Bait is the biggest key to catching these giant blues consistently! I have been very lucky to catch a couple gizzard Shad here and there. If there’s any advice on how and where to catch Gizzard Shad on Tawakoni please feel free to share it here! Caught these two fish in 18FOW. 2 separate trips but caught in about the same area. Fish are still spread out but feeding as temps cool down.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: tomatosplat

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 05:15 AM

Dang! Nice catches- the pictures really do great conveying how much fun that was. Your smile tells me all anyone needs 2 know. Nice job, amigo

Can I ask how and what you rigged?
Edit: your post says what- but not what parts of the fish-never heard of this breed before)
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 05:18 AM

Nice fish. thumb
Posted By: 🍀El Gato Azul🍀

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 05:37 AM

Good ol Twok!
Posted By: Southtxangler22

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 05:35 PM

I was using gizzard Shad. It was an 11” gizzard Shad. So I filleted it. Used the fillet on a Cooper Santee rig with a drifting weight and a cork close to the hook to keep the bait off the bottom. Drive up wind, throw out a drift sock, and watch the rods go down! It’s been good fishing over there lately!
Posted By: Curt0407

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 07:30 PM

Posted By: Blue Blazer 2400

Re: Tawakoni Big Fish! - 11/08/20 09:32 PM

Really good fish
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