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Catfish guide for Belton or Stillhouse

Posted By: SteveBob

Catfish guide for Belton or Stillhouse - 11/01/20 08:10 AM

I'm about to have nerve surgery on my right arm, wrist, & hand which should keep me off the water till at earliest Mid to late December. If the surgery is a success I could be close to regaining full use of my arm but, if not I could lose what little dexterity and feeling I have left. Either way the pain should be gone. The wife gave me the thumbs up to hire a guide to put me on some fish before going under the knife. I was wondering if there are any catfish guides for Belton or Stillhouse lakes that would be willing, able to, or open to taking on a customer for a 1/2 day trip on any day between now and the 4th of November? My surgery is on the 5th. Yeah yeah I know that's short notice but ya have to strike when the line gets tight. Well my rod tip is dancing as it were. I have never chartered a fresh water guide and don't have any idea as to where to find one. Any suggestions? Also wish me luck on the surgery.... They say I'll need it.

P.S. I would be willing to travel as far as lake Inks to the south and lake Waco to the north. But Belton or Stillhouse would be best for me.

I'm going to do some bank fishing today at Stillhouse. I'm going to try out some Strawberry jello chicken breast catfish bait. I was told it really works for channel and blue cats. I have never used it before. Anyone ever try it around here?

Posted By: SteveBob

Re: Catfish guide for Belton or Stillhouse - 11/01/20 03:34 PM

I figured as much on a guide. Oh well...…

The wind came up today. So I'm hanging on to see if the winds die down early enough or force me to give the garlic strawberry jello chicken breast one more night to age in the fridge.

I kinda like the smell of it. I may just have to experiment..... Hmmmmmmm strawberry jelly shrimp and or catfish and or chicken chunks drizzled with garlic butter and served on a bed of rice pilaf and baby spinach. At least that's what comes to mind if I close my eyes and take a big sniff. I challenge you all to do the same with your secret catfish bait LOL!!!

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