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Posted By: rlfisher

TowBoatU.S. - 08/23/20 07:57 PM

Found this on Facebook has any one ever joined it. They have services on Lewisville and Ray Roberts not sure of other lakes. If they do what they say be good insurance if you broke down in the middle of the lake, we all had it happen they will come and tow you in. They have a plan for your trailer also.
Posted By: TGalyon1

Re: TowBoatU.S. - 09/03/20 01:47 AM

It's worth it's weight in gold if you ever need it. I did work part time for Boat US on Texoma. Every caption holds at least a 25 ton master with towing indosment I have a 50 ton and they are drug tested. Most tows run around 300 to 400 with it it's free. It covers you in any Boat you rent, borrow, owen and as many as you owne. It also covers you on any soft ungrounding full drop but you pay for fuel.
Posted By: rlfisher

Re: TowBoatU.S. - 09/04/20 05:06 PM

Thanks for the information
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