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Posted By: nombon

battery - 04/27/20 11:25 PM

I have only ever had a 24v trolling motor system once and it was a few years a go. The boat I just got yesterday the trolling motor is there but the guy never hooked up the out . I just want to make sure I have this right. To hook up the battery I run a cable From battery 1 positive to battery 2 negative , hook the plug wires for the trolling motor battery 1 negative and battery 2 positive making a 24v system

I bought a bass boat at a great price in December. March I took it out to Lake Limestone was on the upper part of the lake. The wind picked up really bad and I a wave dropped me on a stump.Ended up with a 4in circle hole and one that was half in wide and about 9ins long and about 5in long crack I dont know how it was so bad since I was only going about 5mph. but I was dropped about 18ins or so. I finally received my insurance check received a whole lot more then I paid. so I used it to buy an other center cancel took a month of searching but I picked up an almost new looking 99 18,5 ft Promaster. with a 115hp for 3500. I know its a promoter and most consider them cheap boats. but I really like my last one and the price was great. all I need to do is hook up my graph. and the trolling motor.
Posted By: Burbarry

Re: battery - 04/27/20 11:53 PM

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Here you go
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