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Catfish fishing on Richland Chambers Lake


Catfish fishing on Richland Chambers Lake - 02/27/20 01:42 AM

Richland Chambers Lake:
One good thing about this lake, there's always something to catch a mess of.
Catching Catfish is it for now.
It takes a better man than me to find hybrids and sandbass anywhere on this lake. I would say we're probably a month away from steady action on the sandbass and hybrids but things change so quickly and mother nature is quick to show me I know nothing.
I'm just a good guesser sometimes!
So I'm catfishing for now, they've been pretty consistent up the flooded arms of the creeks for the last couple of weeks. The creeks are almost back to normal so I will start to look else where, mainly shallow flats first than moving out a little deeper. 
I like the timber this time of the year, they honestly seem to like to hangout around the old sandbass places and that's good because I know how to get around in the timber when it really matters.
Fingers crossed!
Looking forward to catching these fish In what’s left of February and early March. 
Call me now to get one of these good fishing days and please hurry if you want a day in the spring my book is filling up fast!
Bob Holmes the longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the lake record holder.
‪214 728 3310‬

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Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Catfish fishing on Richland Chambers Lake - 02/28/20 03:14 AM

Nice post and fish. Good job. thumb

Re: Catfish fishing on Richland Chambers Lake - 02/28/20 02:03 PM

Nice job !
Posted By: pop r

Re: Catfish fishing on Richland Chambers Lake - 02/29/20 03:30 PM

Well done Bob! thumb
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