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Some cats

Posted By: Bentman63

Some cats - 01/26/20 01:09 AM

I went to Murchison, Tx today to buy a graph from Eric.His name is Eric here on TFF. He was a very nice guy. He lives in a gated community with a pretty good sized private lake.
I caught 4 decent size eaters in about 6 feet of water .I was fishing straight down from a pier.I finally caught some catfish on stubbys. 3 of them were on stubbys and 1 was on a piece of shad I caught at lake Arlington.

Out of the 4 cats I caught I lost one at the pier. It hit my crappie jig pole and the 8 pound test broke. It wasn't even 8 pounds. Mr Crappie line sucks.

Eric came down to fish a little and caught 1 crappie casting into some man made pvc pipe structures.

It was a beautiful day and was so peaceful there.,

The fish have been cleaned, fried and eaten.
Posted By: taterpop

Re: Some cats - 01/26/20 01:41 AM

Sounds like you had a good day .
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Some cats - 01/26/20 03:52 AM

Nice post. thumb
Posted By: littlewheel

Re: Some cats - 01/28/20 02:23 AM

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