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Catfish biting on Richland Chambers


Catfish biting on Richland Chambers - 11/20/19 12:44 PM

When the sandbass don't cooperate,  my customers and I are having fun this winter catching these really nice Richland chambers Bluecat! If your looking for a fun activity on the lake it's a blast. Then there's always a lots of fillets for the fish fry afterwards. 

The Lake is dropping pretty fast but the water temperatures are still in the mid 50"s. It seems like I see trees and tree lines I haven't seen for awhile almost every time I go out. Lot  of it is rotten but so much of it is as solid as it was the day the lake covered them up. Some of the big islands are starting to show up along with the shallow points. Just keep a eye out for the lake hazards , repairs can be very expensive!

There's a few seagulls on the lake ,  it's always good to motor over and see if there might be fish under them. This time of the year there probably going to be on the deep water points. Sometimes these sandbass and hybrids will shoe up in spots you have never caught them in before, so its always good to go take a look at a diving gull, all the fish in the lake might be just underneath these birds!

If you would like to book a trip or schedule something for the upcoming spring. 

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Bob Holmes the original sandbass hybrid guide and still the lake record holder!
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Posted By: Blue Blazer 2400

Re: Catfish biting on Richland Chambers - 11/20/19 01:31 PM

Nice fish
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Catfish biting on Richland Chambers - 11/22/19 03:46 AM

Good times,good memories,and nice fish. Good job. thumb
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