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Vacation time!


Vacation time! - 07/30/19 11:46 AM

This is the last of my fishing pitchers for awhile.
I'm officially on vacation as of now I'm at 6600 ft. above sea level in the Rockies.
Mornings start off at 60 with the high being 80.
We're just relaxing and enjoying the wildlife,  with no plans to come back anytime soon.

It's my way of rebooting after a Grueling fishing season.
Going to bed at 6:30 pm,  getting up at 1:00 am getting on the water by 3:30 to catch bait for June and July was hard on me, but the rewards of catching limits of big hybrids made my customers very HAPPY.

It was certainly a very good year. I think the weather beat us up pretty good in March and April, but May, June and the first part of July was some pretty strong fishing.

Nothing is written in stone but I really hope for some good sandbass and hybrid action in the Fall season!

My third choice is catching catfish and when I get in that mode we usually do really well.

To book your Fall fishing trip call me
Bob Holmes the original sandbass hybrid fishing guide and still the Striper lake record holder!
‪214 728 3310‬

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Posted By: Ed-n-eddy

Re: Vacation time! - 07/30/19 01:39 PM

Great job there thumb
Posted By: fishslime

Re: Vacation time! - 07/31/19 12:59 AM

Don't know where you caught the hybrids. I used to slaughter them on Greers Ferry in AR during the end of July and first of August at night. Would anchor in 30' water and put out two lights. Fished off the bottom with nightcrawlers. Had to wad them on the hook or they wouldn't bite it with a split shot on top. Jig them down and crank up one turn, and when the baitfish came to the lights, the action was on. Get a little tap and they were on. Very fun fishing. Have always wondered if that technique would work down here. Usually fished from sundown to 10 pm.
Posted By: Pot licker

Re: Vacation time! - 07/31/19 03:20 AM

Awesome! thumb
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Vacation time! - 07/31/19 07:23 PM

Enjoy your vacation and time off! thumb
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