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Posted By: LowBudget Fishin

LOP Help - 06/13/19 03:09 PM

Need help on finding better fish on Lake O Pines. Went yesterday & caught a ton of small fish. With the water being up, having trouble finding the legal fish. Anyone fished recently & catching good fish? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Twistedmidnite

Re: LOP Help - 07/03/19 12:25 AM

I haven't been in a few weeks but if I had to go today I'd hit deep holes with timber around big oaks
Posted By: stubby77

Re: LOP Help - 07/03/19 12:29 AM

The people who order my bait they are in deep water in trees hope this helps
Posted By: Pintail711

Re: LOP Help - 07/03/19 07:35 AM

With the water being high, you should be able to chum around the bushes or in the woods back around willow point, high jackers, twin lakes, up around the duck pond, down south at Johnsonís, ally, hurricane anywhere itís flooded into the trees and load the boat with good fish.
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