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Posted By: McLovin’

Armadillo - 08/31/20 10:14 PM

Got a little guy tearing up my wife’s flower beds.
Going to try to get him in a live trap (because I promised the wife I would try not to kill it)

Any suggestions ?

Only armadillos I’ve ever caught, we used to just grab by the tail, but I have yet to see this dude. He has living somewhere under our 50’ back deck or possibly in the cavern he has dug under my a/c slab.
Posted By: Canino

Re: Armadillo - 08/31/20 10:20 PM

They aren't much interested in most bait that you can put in a live trap. Mealworms maybe - you can get them at pet stores or dried as bird food. The only way we ever caught them was by funneling them into it by putting stakes in the ground, rocks, etc. Even then it usually took a week.
Posted By: Roller22

Re: Armadillo - 09/01/20 12:01 AM

One is tearing up my lawn. I've treated for grubs but he still has been coming back. I've caught 2 others and a possum with this technique.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: McLovin’

Re: Armadillo - 09/02/20 02:24 PM

Brilliant, thanks fellas

I have had something similar up for last few nights but I need to make it bigger like the one in the pic
Posted By: jwcromer

Re: Armadillo - 09/02/20 04:25 PM

blackpepper,worked in my yard
Posted By: Go-N-Slow

Re: Armadillo - 09/09/20 04:14 AM

Try to figure out where they are accessing your property and do as shown in the photo above to funnel them into trap...mine came at almost the exact same time every night (01:00 am) from the exact same spot...I tried for weeks to catch the two or more coming in my yard without success....finally got tired of them tearing up my saint agustin grass and digging around my air conditioner and had to kill them unfortunately....no need in covering the spot they dig under your fence they will simply dig a new tunnel under it every night...fyi they can jump about 5 or 6 feet straight up into the air and you can basically walk straight up to them at night if you do not hesitate and net or grab them or kill them....if there are caverns under the slab make it so the only way out at night is into the trap...
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