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Heavy Jig Mold

Posted By: texasbassdude

Heavy Jig Mold - 11/15/17 04:18 PM

I'm trying to find a weedless jig mold for jigs 3/4 oz and up. I looked through the entire line of Do-it molds on their website and only came across a few, none of which are exactly what I'm looking for.

These are for non-football head jigs. Ideally, I want one with a horizontal line tie (sometimes called a 'flat' line tie) and non-wide gap hook.

Any ideas for other places I can look?
Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 11/15/17 04:28 PM

Proluresonline. Go to build your own jig and see what they have to offer.

You can have them leave off the weed guard on this one.
Posted By: texasbassdude

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 11/15/17 04:34 PM

That looks like buying the jigs themselves; I'm interesting in finding molds for them and pouring them myself.
Posted By: cwil

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 11/23/17 05:32 PM

Tackle warehouse has some molds that are not on the do-it website, some jigs to an ounce. There is always eBay.

horizontal line tie (sometimes called a 'flat' line tie)

Is this the direction of the hook eye? So the eye would be vertical and line and knot would go horizontal through the eye hole? Is that what you mean?
Posted By: texasbassdude

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 11/25/17 03:29 AM

Yeah, a better way to explain it might be where the line tie is perpendicular to the way that the hook runs. All of the Strike King jigs with Denny Brauer's name on them have this type of hook eye.
Posted By: bigbasshunter

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 01/06/18 08:17 PM

Hilts molds may still make the 3/4 oz arkie mold i have two of them i can use lite wire hooks or flipping heavy wire hooks in them.
Posted By: wanna be

Re: Heavy Jig Mold - 01/28/18 09:35 PM

try Barlow they have different molds
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