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RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!!

Posted By: Ray Hubbard Guide- J.V.

RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 11:43 AM

I know Carson already did a video and it was awesome . I talked to the guys and we wanted something to put on the RHSA website ...so I got "nominated" smile I am in no way a public speaker and I this was on the fly smile thank you guys for all the donations and hard work ... It can only help smile
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 12:51 PM

Thats a perfect video about RHSA and who and what we are about. You read my mine Twin Brother smile I was planning to post the step by step stocking detail but you did all that in the video. Great job and THANK YOU! smile

I know you have to keep the video short, so I will post some more pics today. Stay tuned. flag
Posted By: Chuck7700

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 12:52 PM

Nice video.
Posted By: fastguy®

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 12:59 PM

Great video
Posted By: Going Green

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 01:05 PM

John, this is fantastic! I didnt realize you were making this or I would have just sent you everything I shot too! Great job RHSA! Thanks for all that you committee members do to keep the gears lubed!
Posted By: Matthew Carroll

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 01:17 PM

Thanks to the RHSA for taking time to put back into the community of fishing..
I'm a crappie fisherman but watched the video and was impressed to see what ya'll do... clap
Once again THANKS to all involved.. thumb
Matthew (Jigum Jigs)
Posted By: FishBeeLowMe

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 01:44 PM

very nice!

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 02:07 PM

Great video John, that is what the RHSA is all about.
Posted By: JacksonBean

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 02:45 PM

Great job guys! Glad to see the plan come full circle.

Awesome video JV. I'm just getting home and getting caught up and it was sure nice to see how Thursday went.

Fantastic follow through boys!
Posted By: KevinStryker

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 02:48 PM

Pretty cool stuff ,
Posted By: Double Dee

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 03:09 PM

Great video John! Thank you to everyone who has supported RHSA!
Posted By: GoFishNow

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 03:10 PM

Don't you just love it when a plan works!
Posted By: lenahorse

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 03:29 PM

Both video's were great. I am glad that I was able to see it in person.
Posted By: Fishboy Frank

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 03:41 PM

I saw the sneak preview and am glad JV got this out there for everyone to see! Again JV this is excellent. I sent it out to my work and family members this weekend. We almost look like we know what we are doing! To anyone and everyone that is involved thank you. Makes you proud to be part of a group of like minded people. And like I always say if fishermen were good enough for Jesus they are sure good enough for me! I've started a note to Ray Sasser. Told him when he ran the note for us in the Spring that I would follow up when we met our goal. Well we didn't meet our goal- we exceeded it! We will have an even better lake to fish in a few years. Let's keep up the good work. Matthew Carroll thank you for the input!
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 04:16 PM

Here's a write up recap of Thursday 7/11. This is meant to be educational and for many of those dedicated RHSA members who wish to be there but could not make it.

RHSA crew got to the ramp first at 12:30pm. Temperature was around 99.9 degrees. No winds smile

Then the TPWD arrived about 1pm (Very timely!) and unload their boat.

Then the Keo Fish Farms delivery truck came at 1:05pm ! Two long hoses being dropped to the lake, one for pumping Arkansas water out of the tanks and one for intaking Texas water so the fish can get acclamated to Texas. smile

RHSA ordered 45,000 of these fiesty little fellers. In three years they will be 18 inches and mean! smile

There are eight (500 gal) tanks on the truck, four on each side. The four circles are the tanks' release valves.

The TPWD boat has two large trash bins with airator in each.
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 04:19 PM

We transport them to the boat with 5 gallon buckets

Camera man, JT, and JV got invited to release the first batch. Total of 8 tanks and 8 release trips.

SeaFox Steve and wife Lisa are excited about the event and capturing memories!

GoingGreen Carson follows closely with the video and camera.

Larry Leanahorse follows closely on the SeaPro

JV releasing a bucket at a time while slowly moving. Then empties the remainder. Carson, and SeaPro also got to go on the following legal dumping trips grin

Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 04:22 PM

All 45,000 beautiful fingerlings were safely released by 3:30pm. There were about 15 RHSA members present but many had to return to work and about seven of us were there through out the process. From left to right: Sleeping Tiger, Lenahorse, Rafe Brock, TPWD lady, JV, Going Green, SeaPro, Andy from TPWD. smile FilletMaker was there the entire time too but had to return to work smile SuperDuck took this pic smile

It was tripple digit hot, hard physical labor, no winds, we ran out of water but I did NOT hear a single complaint from anyone. Truly amazing! I am so honor to be a part of this great organization! Amen!

More pics...

Posted By: Fishmaster guy

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 04:31 PM

And now we need to celebrate.
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 04:39 PM

Oh yeah, I havent caught a hybrid on Hubbard in almost two months. So after the Thursday stocking Larry and I got rewarded with several of these strong fighters on Friday 7/12!!! angel In three years there will be more happy pics like this one for everyone to enjoy. dance2

Posted By: Filletmaker

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 05:49 PM

Great Video John. We have a ways to go to get to our goal for 2014. Please visit our web site and donate what you can towards the next 45,000 Hybrids. Thanks to everyone! Pat
Posted By: Yaffe (Jeff)

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/15/13 06:52 PM

Great video, great pictures, great people, a great day for RHSA and anyone that fishes Ray Hubbard. Thanks to everyone involved. Wish I could have been there.
Posted By: Dennis Christian

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 12:02 AM

Enjoyed the video and pics. Very educational! Did Parks and wildlife or Keo Fish Farms have any estimate as to how many of the 45,000 will survive to legal (18 inch) size?
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 12:14 AM

Dennis, I did asked that question to the the Marine Biologist while on one of the release trips. He said our fingerlings have 50% mortality rate and the fry recently stocked by TPWD have 75% mortality. I've asked this question to several "experts" in the past and he has gave me the most optomist numbers.

My honest opinion is no one really know the true numbers. Its almost impossible to set up a true test environment in size and with all preditors on land, air, water, etc. I just rely on faith and I know you do too, Dennis smile
Posted By: BlueTuna

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 12:54 AM

Excellent video JV. This has been an incredible fund raising experience, but more than that it is a great story about all sorts of people who are givers and supporters of something we all loving - fishing. I will post this up on the site tomorrow.
Posted By: DrWhiplash

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 01:03 AM

Awesome job to all..... Love it. Glad dad and I are a part of this .....for a bright future of fishing on ole' Mother Hubbard
Posted By: MJHartman

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 01:13 AM

Good job on the video JV.It was nice gitting to talk to you a little while Fishing on Fri.Sure would have like to have made it to the stocking.Thank you guys for trying to capture the day with the pics,and videos.
Posted By: Dennis Christian

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 01:53 AM

@Todd: I agree it certainly is faith regarding spiritual matters, but God has charged us to be stewards of this magnificent spaceship called earth, and He expects us to use our noggins to do it. This means science is our tool, and I have confidence the marine biologists have learned via science and technology ways to manage and measure things like mortaliity rates of the fish. As an engineer I know the depth of technical specialty practiced by professionals. Thus, I'd be surprised if the marine biologist's estimates were not reasonably accurate.
Posted By: Fish ZoMbiE

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 11:25 PM

Way to go and nice videos dudes!
Raised a bunch of money in a hurry.
I know some of u took off of work to help out, take pics, video
and such. Hats off to ya and cheers to all members!
Posted By: Slabman ‘180’

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 11:35 PM

Nice video John, that is a great deal that you all did for Ray Hubbard.
Posted By: VIP Fishing

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/16/13 11:51 PM

As usual, I think Dennis put it best!

Nice going fellers! Good work JV!
Posted By: BlueTuna

Re: RHSA Stocking Video !!!!!! - 07/17/13 03:50 AM

JV I will post the video up on the site. Matt (my son) has not been feeling well and he should be back tomorrow. I look forward to fishing with you!
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