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Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney?

Posted By: cliffshot

Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/09/21 11:20 PM

Hey there guys. Some friends from Austin have asked me to take them on Lake Whitney next week for whites and Strippers/Hybrids.
I've never fished the lake before.

Any suggestions / help would be much appreciated. We are staying in a lake house / cabin provided by one of the guys so lodging not an issue. What I need is advice / help about where (area) and how to target fish this time of year.

We will only be using artificial (MEPPS / etc.) as we fish on CC / Towakani / etc.

Thanks for any help and suggestions provided. Right now the winds look really high for Tuesday ---Thursday when we will be there. Praying they might lay down some.

God bless,

Posted By: learnin to fish

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/10/21 12:20 AM

If you don’t have live shad Whitney can be difficult. Especially with winds changing direction like it’s predicted to on Saturday. River channel edges is where I found them 2 weeks ago. Typical places striper hang out.
Posted By: Buddy Evans

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/10/21 07:41 PM

I fished Sunday afternoon instead of watching the Cowboys get killed. They were on top North of the bridge & would gladly take a swim bait or top water. Hope yall find them. Not sure I'm gonna get to fish this weekend.
Posted By: learnin to fish

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/14/21 02:35 PM

We went out yesterday morning. I had a really hard time catching bait, managed a bout a dozen shad in deep water after throwing the net for too long. Last year I caught shad in shallow areas up until the day after Thanksgiving, this year is obviously not the same. We found striper on a river channel edge, turned the splasher on and caught 7 striper with our 12 shad. When we ran out of bait, we decided to try deadsticking. Water temp was 65 degrees. We caught 19 deadsticking flukes in about 1.5 hours. At 12:30 the bite shut down. Best fishing was from 10:45 - 11:30 when we had a little south breeze that rippled the water. All total, caught and released 26 striper yesterday.

We saw birds working in numerous spots but didn’t stop to try as they didn’t say up very long. The striper were much fatter than they were two weeks ago when I last fished.

Biggest was 22” that I caught. I’m really tall so fish always look small when I hold them.

Great day fishing and happy to put the cast net up until next spring!!

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: cliffshot

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/15/21 06:17 PM

Thanks for the reports everyone. With the ones forecast 15--30 mph we decided to postpone the trip to later in December. Sounds like by then we will need to be dead sticking right?

Thanks again,

cliff shot
Posted By: gborg

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/16/21 12:53 PM

Good report, were y'all dead sticking bait , fish , ambush spots or same areas that live baited ??
Posted By: learnin to fish

Re: Any Help/Suggestions for Whitney? - 11/16/21 01:35 PM

We stayed in the same area to deadstick that we were fishing live shad. Fish were suspended from 20’-30’ in 45’-50’ FOW. Close to the main river channel.
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