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Weekend Tawakoni Report

Posted By: Southtxangler22

Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/14/21 01:40 AM

Lake Tawakoni was a blast this weekend! Early morning pattern was easy to see with all the top water action. They are def moving fast though. Had to down size to the 3/4oz RSR Slab to get bites on every cast. That lasted about an hour. Went to the outer edges of the hump and set up on them. Working the same 3/4 slab on the bottom would get bites. I also got bites on the #2 Mepps. Caught fish like that for awhile. Not sure how many I caught in total. Checked out other points to see fish were set up for trolling. Basically the same pattern worked on Sunday as well! Hard to beat the top water action!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Dennis Christian

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/14/21 04:03 AM

Nice fish. Thanks for the report.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/14/21 12:59 PM

Nice post and fish. Good job. thumb

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/14/21 06:19 PM

Nice report!
Posted By: mwfishin

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/14/21 10:12 PM

Thanks for sharing the info. Looks like you had great time.
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/15/21 02:22 AM

Great report. Tawakoni is a Great Lake. Love the smile. thumb
Posted By: bjw

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/15/21 07:07 PM

We were on Twok a couple week ago in the evening. There was a storm blowing in and the waves were huge so we couldn't get south of the 2mile. We were able to fish the pump station but couldn't mark any fish. I guess I need to get there early in the morning. We have been launching at the west ramp of the 2mile.

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/15/21 08:11 PM

We will be there in Friday hopefully catching some fish.
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/15/21 09:53 PM

We were out last weekend. Bigs were roaming at Wolf during hot high noon time. Spinners and spoons work.
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Posted By: Southtxangler22

Re: Weekend Tawakoni Report - 09/16/21 03:06 AM

Heck yea!! I’ve been chasing the top water action then going drifting for blues around mid morning till 1-2pm.. I guess I should circle back to Wolf and check for the big fish. Thanks for the heads up and that’s an awesome striper! I’m also in a sea pro, SV1900.
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