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Retractable T-Top

Posted By: captaincam3

Retractable T-Top - 08/23/21 03:47 PM

I saw a boat leaving PK yesterday that had a seemingly well built Bemini style retractable T-top. I have searched for something like this in the past, but have not been able to find what I need without doing a custom build. Does anyone know of such a unit? If I could have turned around I would have chased him down to see what it was.
Thank s
Posted By: jbobo

Re: Retractable T-Top - 08/24/21 12:05 PM

Retractable or the top laid over? Seems like most of the ones that lay over are not much shorter than when stood up.
When I built my boat cover for my previous boat I didn’t think I would ever have a need for a T top. hammer
It’s only 10 inches above the grab rail over the console on my current boat. And 3 ft below the electric service to my house. If you saw a folding top ie: several hinges and pins I might be interested in that too. Let us know if you find it again.
Posted By: captaincam3

Re: Retractable T-Top - 08/25/21 03:54 PM

It had side vertical main supports that appeared to be aluminum square, and then your standard stainless tubing fold out framing for the T-Top. Looked like the T top folded up, and the whole system dropped down to console height. It looked well built and not too much like a secondary shade system.
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