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Posted By: RiverRoad

Cooper - 08/21/21 09:20 PM

Anybody fished lately?

This has been my favorite lake for many years but I haven’t been there since the Hybrids got flushed. TPW stocked more than a million fry between 2017,2018 and I’m hoping that they they are back?
Posted By: Double Row

Re: Cooper - 08/21/21 09:51 PM

I see occasional post with some people catching mostly catfish and sometimes white bass, but I rarely go to Cooper anymore. I get skunked more often than not, but then again that happens no matter where I go.
Posted By: Dennis Christian

Re: Cooper - 08/22/21 12:38 AM

I rarely see a post here about Lake Cooer.
Posted By: Double Row

Re: Cooper - 08/22/21 02:18 AM

I might give Cooper a shot in the morning.
Posted By: prosise

Re: Cooper - 08/22/21 03:06 AM

Check out pg 3 on this thread. Me and my son went last Monday.

Hope this helps.

Pg 3 "lake tawakoni thread"
Posted By: fergy1

Re: Cooper - 08/27/21 01:44 PM

Me and my wife rented a cabin over there the week before last and found several very large schools of sand bass. No problem getting limit in 1 hr. Really nice little lake. Most of the time had the lake to ourselves. Maybe seen 10 other boats the whole weekend.
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