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places to stay at texoma?

Posted By: danial S

places to stay at texoma? - 08/03/21 03:11 PM

hey all! looking to go for a small 2-3 day cabin trip on Texoma for stripers as my last few plans didn't end up successful. I was wondering where are some relatively cheap (preferably sub 150 per night) cabins? my parents and sister are going, so 4 people and a bathroom in the cabin is a must due to some medical complications with my dad. Also, any tips on texoma striper fishing is greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!
Posted By: rkd

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/03/21 05:13 PM

Lighthouse Resort is good. Prices fit your budget. 2 night minimum. Plenty of cabin options to choose from. Boat ramp if you're bringing a boat. https://lighthouseresort.com/
Posted By: Holzer

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/03/21 06:03 PM

Cedar Mills is my go to. There is also a restaurant in the marina that make evening meals easy.
I've only stayed in the cabins. Very simple 2 bed, small restroom. But they have larger cabins that can accommodate more people. At least last I checked.
Posted By: JWC Nauticstar

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/03/21 07:49 PM

Willow Springs Marina on the OK side is a good place also. They have small cabins and a a small newer motel type setup. Stayed in both and the Motel is great. Not over priced when we went. A little over $100 a night.
Posted By: DrWhiplash

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/04/21 01:13 AM

Lighthouse or Mill Creek both are fine!
Posted By: Bandit 200 XP

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/04/21 09:22 AM

Cedar Mills
Posted By: cooter97

Re: places to stay at texoma? - 08/07/21 06:26 AM

I highly recommend this airbnb. we stay here a few times a year for family fishing trips. owners are super nice, big yard for dogs if you bring any and quite at night
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