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Posted By: hornedfrog

PK - 06/04/21 11:14 PM

how is water level on pk.....is water clarity still ok south of devils gate?
Posted By: TCK73

Re: PK - 06/04/21 11:34 PM

It’s about a foot from full with two gates open, and a ton more water coming from above.
Posted By: gborg

Re: PK - 06/05/21 02:02 PM

Originally Posted by hornedfrog
how is water level on pk.....is water clarity still ok south of devils gate?

Scouted PK Friday from @ 12 to 5 . Launched from South D&D checked creeks across from Bug beach after looking at Hogs Bend area. Table Top , Bee etc in Broadway. Water became stained from Bass to Peanut entrance , once one enters Peanut and north water is muddy with numerous floaters. All areas south of said spots are clear . Did not check Cedar nor Caddo.

Lots of Herons , blue and white on banks south of Hogs . Very little activity on areas checked.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: PK - 06/05/21 06:06 PM

Gborg: That's good info on the birds. I even went up lake to try and get some threadfins but could not find them, Ok I got 1. Ended up with about 8 big gizzards. Those smaller stripers will try to eat the big gizzard shad and I cat one now and then. Did get a 24 inch striper on an 8 inch gizzard.

I still think the threadfins took a big kill after the freeze.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: PK - 06/05/21 06:09 PM

PK was clear in the main lake from the dam to Bluff creek yesterday. Lots of sandies in Paradise cove but the stripers went somewhere. I guess with the gates open down to granbury. I had some nice gizzard shad and no takers. Even the LM bass seemed to have lockjaw. I did get a nice keeper on a perch, but there were a couple of wall hangers cruising around the cliffs marina after they spawned. Caused the weekenders to throw everything in the tackle box at them trying to get a bite. I'm sure it was frustrating.

Re: PK - 06/06/21 10:34 PM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

We are catching until about 8:00 AM. Top waters and live shad.
Water is now muddy to South DD I was told. I didn't quit make it that far up today.
Bait is plentiful. Bait had a great spawn this year. Watching hundreds of babies go through my cast net each day.

Re: PK - 06/06/21 10:41 PM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: hornedfrog

Re: PK - 06/06/21 11:20 PM

terrific fish in the photos! we fished this am---got 11 stripes -softbaits . water was excellent on south end near dam

Re: PK - 06/07/21 02:37 AM

[Linked Image]
Millions of these little guys around.
10 throws tonight for 60 perfect gizzard shad.
Baits plentiful if you know where to look.
Posted By: butch sanders

Re: PK - 06/07/21 12:48 PM

Posted By: TCK73

Re: PK - 06/07/21 01:48 PM


I heard the bait was nonexistent and all the stripers got out! bolt
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: PK - 06/07/21 03:29 PM

Randy always knows where the fish and bait are. I haven't seen a shad school this year. Looks like I need to spend more time uplake.
Posted By: BigDozer66

Re: PK - 06/08/21 01:39 AM

Posted By: PK-Russ

Re: PK - 06/08/21 02:56 AM

3 gates open today and there is drone video on FB of people bankfishing and catching big stripers in whitewater rapids below the dam. Hope they stay in the lake!
Posted By: Kayak-Hooligan

Re: PK - 06/08/21 04:13 AM

Got the fb video link?
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: PK - 06/08/21 03:50 PM

Yep, with three gates open we will dump stripers down the brazos. Hope those folks fishing that dangerous water will stay safe. I might fish below the dam once the flood gates close.
Posted By: Easeup

Re: PK - 06/09/21 01:37 PM

here is one I found

Posted By: hornedfrog

Re: PK - 06/09/21 09:44 PM

i was on the south end today---fished the chocolate milk without success......
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