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140+ fish trip

Posted By: RespectTheFish

140+ fish trip - 03/29/21 06:50 PM

Had an incredible weekend with some clients at Hubbard Creek. 125 fish in 2.5 hours on saturday and another 140+ Sunday fishing with kids on board! Still showing signs of spawning as many fish are dripping eggs and milt. Seeing some already spawned out and migrating towards postspawn locations. Bite is absolutely incredible and even better than last week. Fish are more aggressive and eager to chase bait.

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Posted By: mwfishin

Re: 140+ fish trip - 03/29/21 07:39 PM

Nicely done Clay! I struggled on PK Sunday.
Posted By: riverwolf

Re: 140+ fish trip - 03/29/21 08:03 PM

Great job
Posted By: RespectTheFish

Re: 140+ fish trip - 03/29/21 09:10 PM

Sunday definitely started off a little slow. We had a mild south wind saturday and then a mild north wind sunday and I think that played a role in it and your trip even. I found fish but they did not play at all starting off until I just happened to find a slightly bigger school. My goal in that situation was to keep moving until I found some that didn't care and wanted to play....usually bigger schools mean more competitive feeding and worked out for us.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: 140+ fish trip - 03/29/21 11:01 PM

Nice post and fish. Good job. thumb
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