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Cooper Lake

Posted By: Fromprektofishing

Cooper Lake - 08/23/20 06:06 PM

Hi, guys! I’m a recently retired educator who loves to fish! When our son was younger, we used to take him and his friends to Cooper Lake after school and in the summer to fish for sand bass, ski and tube. For the past few years work has kept us all pretty busy, so fishing took a back seat! 😢. My husband and I have gone twice recently and saw very few boats on the lake and haven’t caught any fish! Do any of you ever go to Cooper? Do any of you ever fish in the afternoons? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 😃

P.S. We are also close to Lake Fork and I’ve heard there are sandies there, but we’ve never fished for them. I wouldn’t know where to begin to look!
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: Cooper Lake - 08/23/20 06:28 PM

I respect teachers. Thank you for all you do. Cooper has many good humps/structures in the middle of Lake to go electronic scan. Hubbard boys usually cooper in August annually to celebrate pop's Ray birthday and the big sandies are usually plentiful with occasional hybrids mixed in . Medic is a TFFer and a guide there. Hopefully he will chime in.

If you are close to Fork, I would hit Bob Sandlin for huge sandies. Fish half East side of lake where there are good structures. Once you graph them, throw your fav lure of confidence. Good luck!

And welcome
Posted By: Fromprektofishing

Re: Cooper Lake - 08/23/20 06:45 PM

Thank you! I saw your post about Tawakoni. We also used to fish there. I’m ready to get back to my favorite sport!
Posted By: Anthony Carson

Re: Cooper Lake - 08/28/20 10:56 AM

Cooper can be a great lake for catching sand bass but this year has been tough, at least for me. I think they are feeding on small shad right now so I started dropping crappie jigs and that’s what I’ve had my best luck on
Posted By: Fromprektofishing

Re: Cooper Lake - 08/29/20 01:56 PM

Thank you! We’Ll try that next time we go. Is this not the time of year for surfacing fish? I always loved the excitement of casting into a big splashing feeding frenzy! 😁😂
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