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Thumping for Perch

Posted By: scubaarchery

Thumping for Perch - 08/14/20 01:59 AM

One of my Pro Staff sent me a picture of his graph when he was perch fishing. I have heard that thumpers draw in perch but his graph picture really showed it! [img]http://[/img] [Linked Image]
Posted By: BigDozer66

Re: Thumping for Perch - 08/14/20 02:01 AM

We were watching some Shark Week last night and one of the groups were out trying to attract sharks to their boat.

They were "thumping" the bottom of the boat with "mop handle" or similar stick and it was working! cheers
Posted By: scubaarchery

Re: Thumping for Perch - 08/14/20 03:21 AM

It’s all about mimicking the vibration! The thumper replaces the mop handle especially for guides who have to stop banging the stick to unhook fish and untangle lines!
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