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Whitney 8-10-20

Posted By: CenTexan

Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/10/20 05:14 PM

This was our 8th trip over the last 4 weeks. Same result but its getting tougher and we had fewer of the 24" plus fish. Took awhile to get a 4 man limit but we got it done and we have still not dropped a shad. We have really tried to narrow down [Linked Image]
what is working on the artificial bite and we have got it down pretty good. First off, you can sleep in. Our bite gets better as the day goes on and starting about 1:00 it is really good. The fish are scattered and moving fast early. They settle in and bunch up once the sun gets up and they are not as deep as you would think. Our primary bait is the 3 oz. RSR casting slab with a slight bend in it. Green is the best color. All big fish are coming in water 25' to 30'. Locating the right school takes patience but its not worth stopping until you do. This is where it gets tricky but this is working. We seldom EVER catch a big fish under the boat. Watch your side scan and you will see the big ones on the side. 99% of the time your boat will be nosed toward the dam when anchored due to a S to SE wind. And 99% of the time, the big fish will be on the right side of the boat. And sligtly towards the back. Usually about 25' away from the boat. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how we are catching them. We make long casts and once the bait hits the bottom we drag it at a 45 degree angle just a few feet. Let it settle and repeat. If you feel a slight thump, let it rest and barely move it. They will pick it up. I think the big fish have learned that the small fish, when schooling on shad, will kill them and the drift causes them to fall South with the wind and toward deeper water. Then bigger fish seem to be waiting for an easy meal to fall. That's the only thing I can think of. But its working. Hope some of this helps. Im going to try and do a video next time out. Also, don't use a Bass Master hook set running half way across the boat. And use your drag. You will pull lots of hooks and miss alot of big fish at the boat. They don't normally take these treble hooks deep like a circle hook and they pull easy. When they turn, the large slab works like a pry bar and loosen everything up. Be patient with the big ones.[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: bob76

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/10/20 06:03 PM

Nice job. Wonderful intel as well. Wife and I tried the same lures on Saturday and could only keep the small stripers (10-12 inchers) busy. We were vertical jigging when the top water played out. Also, like you said, early bite didn't seem to be there. Will try the cast retrieve method you prescribe this coming weekend. Thanks for the detailed info. Always good to see a kiddo with a big stripe and even bigger smile.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/10/20 07:19 PM

Solid post and fish. Good job. thumb
Posted By: DavisGuideService

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/10/20 09:52 PM

Well done guys! We smoked them this morning as well!
Posted By: Czechster

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/11/20 09:56 AM

Thanks for the detailed report.
Posted By: SeaPro-Todd

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/11/20 12:21 PM

Wow nice catch, good tactic and info. Thanks!
Posted By: pop r

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/11/20 02:21 PM

Awesome post with great details. cheers
Posted By: Ckolar

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/11/20 03:11 PM

Awesome post. Thank you for the details. I really appreciate you "experts" helping out some of us still really learning.
Posted By: hungt

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/14/20 05:16 PM

Thanks for the update. Going to be on this lake for the first time this weekend, what part of the lake should I go? TIA
Posted By: DrWhiplash

Re: Whitney 8-10-20 - 08/15/20 02:05 AM

Great tactic and all while using the best slab mold in history cheers Post up same way on your favorite lake and hang on! Thank you CenTexan for some golden info texas Beautiful Lake Whitney stripers hard to beat....
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