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CWorthy's Thumper and Lure Dryer

Posted By: C Worthy

CWorthy's Thumper and Lure Dryer - 08/09/20 05:27 PM

Decided to make me a Thumper since we are on house lockdown. cry But after I got started, I decided that I would go ahead and make a lure dryer attachment for it since I like to put clear epoxy on my jigging slabs and sinking baits and such. I kind of got crazy with the epoxy and clear coated everything. But what the heck, I like it. Thought I would share my toys. Hope you enjoy. And No..... I will not build another one. The main barrel on the dryer is actually two 2" drains back to back. That is also a heavy duty, continuous cycle motor with a 10mm worm gear shaft. Plenty of power. Give me you thoughts and suggestions. Took a while to build but glad now that it is finished.


Re: CWorthy's Thumper and Lure Dryer - 08/12/20 12:52 AM

Very nice Gary. It looks like it will call fish in.
Posted By: C Worthy

Re: CWorthy's Thumper and Lure Dryer - 08/12/20 01:45 AM

Thanks Bud, it did a great job of laying a glass like finish on the slabbing jigs. Without someway of turning those jigs, the epoxy will just all drip down to one spot. When you buy the hubs for the motor shaft, they come two to a pack so having an extra hub just gave me the idea to put it to use. smile. I appreciate the complement.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: CWorthy's Thumper and Lure Dryer - 08/12/20 04:30 AM

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