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Stephen Sosebee Whitney

Posted By: Alpha211

Stephen Sosebee Whitney - 05/20/20 01:52 PM

Guys I wanted to give a shout out for Stephen Sosebee and Lake Whitney. Went on guided trip with him and it was an absolute blast! Ended up catching my PB striper. Before the trip I expressed my interest in catching bigger stripers rather than numbers. From the first cast we were in big stripers and stayed in them. Other boats around us throughout the day catching dinks. He knows where the big ones are and how to put you on them. Stephen is a great guy, very personable. I’ve always been hardcore bass fisherman but interested in getting knowledge on catching stripers. I picked his brain the entire day and he offered tons of information and showed me how to go back and catch fish on my own. Enjoyed his company almost as much as getting my arm broke over and over again!

Do yourself a favor and book with Stephen ASAP!!! He will put you on BIG fish and it’s fast and furious. He’s not the regular take you out limit out in 30 mins and go home guide. We continued smashing them until I called calf rope. Being a bass fisherman and new to Whitney he even took the time to show me around his go to bass fishing spots. Awesome guy.

Re: Stephen Sosebee Whitney - 05/23/20 03:37 AM

Thank you for the kind words.
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