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Texoma 5/16

Posted By: K_Dean

Texoma 5/16 - 05/17/20 02:25 PM

[Linked Image]

Helped Shadtank here on TFF with a church group of 24 yesterday and we flat beat em down. Every Man went home with a limit. If you’re looking to get on em give him a call.

Posted By: Ocelot

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/17/20 04:30 PM

Glad you could get them all a limit.
Have some nice fish there on the table to boot.
Can't imagine cleaning all those fish.
Great job.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/17/20 05:29 PM

"Super Haul" ! Good job. thumb
Posted By: K_Dean

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/17/20 07:00 PM

Cleaning wasn’t too bad. 6-7 guys and we were done in 30-40 mins.
Posted By: Holzer

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/18/20 08:49 PM

My 1st thought when I seen that pic of one guy working and everyone else standing around eeks
Posted By: JAMES-B.

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/18/20 11:40 PM

WOW! and amen. I will keep your info for friends that ask about a great stripper outing.
Great job!
Posted By: Josh315

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/19/20 12:16 AM

My buddy was on that trip. They had a blast. Good job guys!!
Posted By: shadtank

Re: Texoma 5/16 - 05/19/20 11:02 AM

Thanks for all the comments fishing has been awesome
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