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Best time to go fishing is now!


Best time to go fishing is now! - 05/06/20 09:21 PM

Lots of fun on the water these day's with the sandbass showing up, the Bluecat jumping in the boat and picking up a few hybrids!
Don't want to forget the crappie and Black bass they're biting too!

So maybe the hybrids aren't quite as plentiful as I'd like this time of the year. They are mostly shallow chasing baitfish in the morning. 
By June we will start getting a good read on them as they start separating more from the sandbass and moving to there normal Haunts.

Sandbass are nice size early in the morning and on some days it gets harder to find the biggest ones once the early morning is over and heading to mid morning!

I'm casting  4 inch sassy shads banana colored with three quarter ounce jig heads early for the big sandbass and hybrids. 
After the schooling is over if it ever started I start going with my ounce and three quarter banana colored slab.

Most sandbass are in 20 ft water or less right now.

Catfishing is best early as well most any spot on the lake that's catching wind will put come bluecat in the boat but there's always those spots that are a little better than the others. 
Using fresh caught shad for these.

It's so important this time of the year to have a few fresh shad when you head out with these winds getting stronger as the day moves on .
The big wind will shut you down on sandbass but will only help the catching catfish!

Call me now to schedule something for this summer. 

Bob Holmes longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the striper lake record holder!

214 728 3310
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