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Looking for a teacher

Posted By: rbw1330

Looking for a teacher - 04/17/20 08:50 PM

I am a pretty decent fisherman and usually have no problem finding some fish when we go out. I am looking for a guide /guides who would be willing to teach me hot to go to a new lake and catch fish. I don’t want to go and hit a few spots and call it good I am looking for someone who will Spend a full day or two breaking everything down for me, and teaching me what to look for and where to look. I want to learn how to locate whites, striper,and catfish. I have no interest in becoming a guide I just want to be able to go out with friends and family and catch fish. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
Posted By: Ledeez

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 02:21 AM

Posted By: SirDukeOfLor

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 04:48 AM

Not sure where your located, Bob Maindelle does a sonar training class where he comes on your boat, tunes your equipment and shows you the ropes.

I plan on getting a session from him, once Social Distancing is over.
Posted By: Gone Fishin'

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 12:40 PM

rbw, What you are looking to learn is basically what we offer on any guided trip we conduct if the Customer wants this type info. Many Customers are interested only in catching fish and don't want or need to know the how, when and whys of catching. While all lakes are not alike, most of them are similar in that the Seasonal Patterns and different species of fish respond the same. What you are asking to learn is easy to teach in the Spring when most all fish are aggressive, easier to pattern and catch, best baits to use, etc. What would be a little difficult to teach or show you is how a White Bass or Catfish can be caught in the Winter versus the Spring/Summer. It's a whole different ballgame. We fish year around and specialize in White Bass, Hybrid Stripers and Catfish plus we do a little Crappie fishing. We are Artificial Lure fishermen only and don't do Live Bait for the Hybrids. We fish Richland Chambers only and have been there since 1994 and Full Time Guides since 2000. If any of this is any interest, check us out at www.gonefishin.biz or give us a call.

Cell 469-371-5197
Posted By: rbw1330

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 02:15 PM

I will be contacting you for sure. Thanks
Posted By: Gone Fishin'

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 03:05 PM

rbw, I email a Weekly Fishing Report to an Email Customer List. If you want to receive it, send me your email address to simmonsroyce@hotmail.com .
Posted By: SteveHummert

Re: Looking for a teacher - 04/18/20 04:25 PM

Royce and Adam Simmons with Gone Fishin Guide Service are good people and some of the best at what they do. You will not be disappointed
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