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Hybrids are here to stay

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Hybrids are here to stay - 03/03/20 02:17 AM

Wiper" mania has swept across the United States in less than four decades. The wiper, or hybrid striped bass, is a cross between a white bass and a striped bass. Biologists interested in the best qualities of both fish imagined a cross that might produce a fish that would feed on the over abundance of shad in the major reservoirs which quickly grew too large for white bass to consume.
The interest came about as a result of seafaring striped bass, which enter fresh water to spawn, being trapped behind the Cooper and Kerr Reservoir dams when they closed 45 years ago. To the amazement of anglers and biologists alike, stripers adapted to their new environment.

Fisherman's Cove Lodge
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Re: Hybrids are here to stay - 03/04/20 04:25 AM

a good read on Hybrids.. https://appliedecology.cals.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/300.pdf

Hybrid striped bass generally refers
to a cross between striped bass
(Morone saxatilis) and white bass
(M. chrysops). This cross, sometimes
called the “original cross,” was first
produced in South Carolina in the
mid-1960s using eggs from striped
bass and sperm from white bass. The
accepted common name of this cross
is the Palmetto Bass. More recently
the “reciprocal” cross using white
bass females and striped bass males
was also produced. The accepted
common name of this cross is the
Sunshine Bass.
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