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Thumping at night?

Posted By: catcrew68

Thumping at night? - 02/08/20 09:07 PM

Anybody try thumping at night when sitting on lights fishing for whites?
Posted By: FishTheBite

Re: Thumping at night? - 02/09/20 07:50 PM

It would be worth a shot. I don’t fish much at night or I would certainly try it. I’ve seen it produce too many times to not be willing to try it just about anytime.
Posted By: scubaarchery

Re: Thumping at night? - 02/09/20 09:54 PM

Thumping should work anytime fish are around. They feed at night so they should investigate the vibrations...
Posted By: gborg

Re: Thumping at night? - 02/10/20 03:08 PM

When fishing deep water as in 45-50, thumping will be effective . We fish at night around green lights that are close to docks or under docks in 15 FOW or less. We are chunking buck tails or cranks and do not thump.
Posted By: catcrew68

Re: Thumping at night? - 02/10/20 04:26 PM

Thanks guys! I'll give it a whirl.
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